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We help men in recovery succeed & prosper

core values

Our Philosophy

We treat every man with dignity and respect

We are a top rated transitional living home for men to recover safely. If you are looking for a comfortable sober living setting, you’re in the right place. We make living in a halfway house successful by gently incorporating a set of rules, supervised structure, and the sober support needed to sustain your sobriety for the long-term. Reinvent yourself and be the new you that we know you can be. Recovery is a beautiful gift that we have have dedicated our lives to help you achieve. Under our guided care, your experience is personalized to fit your unique needs and requirements. If you’re in need of a safe place to stay, don’t delay and contact New You Sober Living today! Located in the lush and tropical environment of South Florida, our atmosphere is perfect for you to recover and regain your strength for a better tomorrow.

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